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Regenerative Medicine With Stem Cells For Knees: An Alternative To A Knee Replacement

Oct 30, 2018Regenerative Medicine

Imagine suffering from chronic knee pain due to damage from a condition such as severe osteoarthritis or from an injury years ago. The pain taking over your life. Every morning you wake up with unbearable pain in your knees and you are having difficulty just getting out of bed.

The simple things in life becoming a painful chore… No longer being able to do the things you once loved to do. You search for a solution asking your medical doctor what you can do and you’re told you have three options: knee replacement surgery, steroid injections (or other prescription drug painkillers), or just live with the pain. None of which appeals to you. What do you do? You’ve heard about regenerative medicine, but stem cell therapy for knees?

We hear this story time and time again from our regenerative medicine therapy patients that come in with knee pain. Regenerative medicine therapy is a great option to treat knee pain. Many people in the Syracuse area don’t know it is an effective treatment option and a better alternative to drugs or surgery. Regenerative medicine that includes the use of stem cells is a non-invasive treatment that can actually repair the damage in your knee joint and even eliminate your pain completely.

The patients we have treated with regenerative medicine therapy for knee pain have seen dramatic results. Only two weeks after treatment one of our patients regained full motion in his knee and was able to put his own socks on for the first time in years. The constant throbbing pain that he was experiencing in his knee is now gone. He was able to get back to doing the things he loves to do without having to endure the risks, complications and recovery from a knee replacement.

An Alternative To A Knee Replacement

Steroid injections or invasive surgery are no longer your only treatment options for your knee pain. Living in pain isn’t the right option either. At Syracuse Medical we provide a non-surgical alternative that uses stem cells to repair the root of the problem, the damage in your knee joint.

Recent research shows that some of the most popular orthopedic knee surgeries including arthroscopic meniscal surgery and anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) reconstruction have no real benefit. Moreover, a knee replacement is extremely traumatic and carries associated risks. Even if surgery is successful it still requires months of painful rehab to regain strength and mobility. Common knee surgeries also accelerate degeneration that leads to arthritis. Finally, surgery can also aggravate the problems that initially led to the need for the surgery in the first place. Syracuse Medical urges patients in the Syracuse area suffering from knee injuries or degenerative knee conditions to consider all of their options before deciding on knee replacement surgery.

At Syracuse Medical we take joint pain relief seriously. Our stem cell therapy treats knee joint pain with successful results for our patients. Our approach is unique as it involves the use of a dose of stem cells, cytokines and growth factors coupled with PRP therapy. When injected into the area of your injury, these cells work to repair the damaged tissue. The process we use has been proven to be highly successful in treating our patients using only one treatment. By combining the two regenerative therapies it maximizes effectiveness causes a reduction in pain shortly after treatment and in some cases has eliminated the pain completely.

Our stem cell therapy procedures successfully restore knee function and mobility in our patients. During our outpatient procedure, our team uses precise guidance to inject custom concentrations of stem cells, the body’s natural healing agent, exactly into the areas of damage. This tightens and stabilizes your knee joint for better function and mobility.

Interested In Regenerative Medicine Therapy?

The Pros Of Stem Cell Therapy For Knees Vs. Knee Surgery

The biggest advantage stem cell injections offer over more invasive remedies is safety. Recovery is also much quicker and easier on your body than going through surgery. Regenerative medicine therapy is done as an outpatient treatment. Our patients exhibit improvement and begin to see an increase in their range of motion usually within a couple of weeks after treatment. Many can begin exercising by the end of the first week.

Conversely, knee replacements have become a mainstream surgery, but it still is surgery and there are several risks involved. The main risk of surgery is death. About 1 in 400 patients that undergo knee surgery don’t survive. That is a scary statistic since most orthopedic surgeon groups in the Syracuse area perform that many operations in a month.

Other complications associated with knee surgery are…

  • Postoperative infection
  • Complications from anesthesia
  • Blood clots
  • Complications from a transfusion
  • Allergy to metal components
  • Wound and bleeding complications
  • Artery injuries
  • Nerve or neurovascular damage
  • Knee stiffness and loss of motion

Although regenerative medicine therapy using stem cells for knees is not covered by insurance like knee surgery, our patients believe that it is nothing short of a miracle. Since it is tremendously safer than surgery and there is minimal downtime due to recovery it is worth the Investment in your health. All of our patients would advise anyone who is a candidate for joint replacement surgery to consider looking into stem cell therapy first. At Syracuse Medical we work with you to make our therapies affordable by offering a variety of payment options.

Interested In Regenerative Medicine Therapy To Treat Your Knee Pain?

To learn more about our regenerative medicine therapy and if it is right to treat your knee pain condition, please contact our office to schedule one of our educational consultations.