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Overcoming Unbearable Knee Pain: Darlene’s Success Story

Mar 17, 2019Regenerative Medicine

The knee joint continues to be the most common joint in the body that where people in the Syracuse area experience arthritis. For those who struggle with osteoarthritis in the knee, every day is a painful struggle. The pain is so severe that it impacts their daily lives in many ways and they are told their only option for pain relief is to have knee replacement surgery. However, studies show that knee replacements don’t always eliminate the pain and in many cases require additional surgeries down the road.

At Syracuse Medical, we believe regenerative medicine is a great alternative to knee replacement surgery because we have seen it first hand in patient outcomes. By leveraging the power of mesenchymal stem cells and other natural components, our umbilical cord Wharton’s Jelly based regenerative medicine procedures creates the ideal healing environment in the body. We are proud to say that our therapy has been able to give people hope for pain relief when they have exhausted all other options. By reducing their knee pain, we have been able to help our patients get their lives back so they can once again function like they once did. Our Wharton’s Jelly-based Regenerative Medicine Therapy is proven to be an effective, less-invasive alternative to surgery and reduces osteoarthritis symptoms and pain long-term.

If you are still questioning whether or not regenerative medicine  can help to relieve your osteoarthritis pain, we’d like to share one of our patient’s stories with you. Darlene from Syracuse was suffering from chronic knee pain that caused her to have to quit the job that she loved.

Here’s Darlene’s story…

“I am a RN who has to give up the job I loved 10 years ago because of a Worker’s Comp accident. For 5 years I played the Worker’s Comp game and it left me with a 20% loss of use in my right knee, daily anti-inflammatories, and pain killers whenever I tried to do any type of typical use. Instead of helping me, the doctors flagged me as an opioid abuser. However, whenever I tried any type of exercise (elliptical, walking or even water therapy) my knee would swell and the pain was unbearable. That’s when I was told by my doctors “call me when you need a knee replacement”.

Not wanting to go through knee surgery, I began searching for another option. I first turned to acupuncture which helped the pain and swelling but didn’t stop the progression of damage. When I was forced to give up yoga because I couldn’t kneel anymore, I got depressed and was prescribed more pills. Still searching for an alternative to help to reduce my severe knee pain, I came across Syracuse Medical and heard that they were helping people like me with Regenerative Medicine Therapy. At my consult, I found out that I was a good candidate so I decided to use my Worker’s Comp settlement to try to get healed. Within 2 weeks, to my surprise, the pain was gone! I did, however, have a little bit of new “healing” pain in my calf and thigh. This was due to my muscles remembering how to work again!

I was so excited with my outcome that I pushed myself too soon. It took till week 8 for me to notice that I no longer needed a pillow under my knee when it was extended AND I could wear 1″ heels without pain. I still can’t kneel, but I know I will be able to begin yoga again this fall/winter. 

Thank you Syracuse Medical for offering Regenerative Medicine Therapy. I am now off all pain killers, anti-inflammatories and anti-depressants. I HAVE MY LIFE BACK”.

To hear more success stories from our patients who were suffering in pain just like you that have had successful outcomes thanks to regenerative medicine, please visit our success stories section of our website.

Want To Learn More About Regenerative Medicine At Syracuse Medical?

Schedule a consultation at our Syracuse office to learn how we can help you eliminate your knee pain naturally using regenerative medicine. We have helped many across Upstate New York avoid knee replacement surgery and live a pain-free life. We know we can help you too!