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EPAT Therapy: Finally Relief For People With Neuropathy

May 29, 2020EPAT Therapy

Neuropathy is a nerve disorder that effects the hands, arms, feet and legs. Across the United States, 20 million Americans suffer from some form of neuropathy. Their symptoms tend to progress over time, keeping sufferers from enjoying the lives they once used to.

A common condition for diabetics, it can also occur due to chemotherapy, alcoholism and exposure to heavy metals. But sometimes, a direct cause for this type of nerve damage cannot be found making it a hard condition to treat.

Neuropathy patients experience a variety of symptoms from numbness or tingling to burning or severe pain with super sensitivity when they walk. Often the pain can be so severe, it causes patients to not be able to sleep.

Unfortunately, there is no known cure for neuropathy. Many patients are told by their doctors they need to treat their condition with prescription medication or learn to live with the pain. But those are not the only choices available. There is a natural alternative therapy called Extracorporeal Pulse Activation Technology or EPAT Therapy. This therapy allows neuropathy sufferers to live the life they want with a reduction in nerve related pain.

What Is EPAT Therapy?

Simply put, EPAT Therapy accelerates the healing process by emitting high energy acoustic pressure waves in to the damaged tissues and nerves of  the patient. This non-invasive therapy reduces pain quickly without the dangerous side effects of neuropathy medications.

It is a regenerative medicine based therapy cleared by the FDA. It works by stimulating the metabolic pathways in your tissues to speed up, enhancing blood circulation and accelerating the healing process without any downtime. This helps patients experiencing neuropathy find pain relief. Knowing EPAT has been proven to work well, we have made it the standard treatment for our neuropathy patients.

How EPAT Works To Reduce Diabetic Neuropathy Pain

Recent clinical studies have been conducted to see the effectiveness of treating neuropathy with EPAT. Even though it is not a cure, EPAT Therapy inhibits nerve inflammation, improves nerve conduction, creates new stem cell formation and  naturally reduces pain.

90% of neuropathy patient’s treated with the EPAT protocol have reported a significant improvement in neuropathy pain and symptoms. More importantly, there has never been a single patient who reported a worsening of their condition after being treated with EPAT.

EPAT Therapy At Syracuse Medical

Our patients love EPAT because it WORKS! Their symptoms improve tremendously which allows them to function better and live a higher quality life. Many patients who have been treated with EPAT are able to reduce or even stop the use of their neuropathy medication. They even say they look forward to coming in for treatment because when they leave they feel great.

Want To Learn More About EPAT Therapy At Syracuse Medical? 

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