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Decompression Therapy Gets Great Results Treating Low Back Pain

Oct 14, 2018Decompression Therapy

If you suffer from chronic low back pain you know the impact it has on your life. The tasks you were once able to perform easily are now a painful chore. All you want to do is find something that can relieve the pain. Nevertheless you’ve heard from medical professionals that the only options you have are back surgery, pain medication, or to live with the pain. At Syracuse Medical, we successfully use nonsurgical spinal decompression therapy to effectively treat low back pain. In fact we have treated thousands of patients here in the Syracuse area and they have seen great results.

What Is Decompression Therapy?

Decompression Therapy (also known as nonsurgical spinal decompression) repositions the spinal discs by gently distracting them and decompressing them. A vacuum is created within the discs using negative pressure. This removes the pressure from the pinched nerves. By doing so it helps to reposition the bulging disc which pulls the extruded material back into place. This helps to rehydrate the disc promoting movement of water, oxygen, and nutrient-rich fluids back into the damaged disc. As a result, the disc heals, pain is decreased, and function is restored.

Decompression Therapy (Nonsurgical spinal decompression) effectively treats patients suffering from…

  • Chronic Low Back Pain
  • Chronic Neck Pain
  • Sciatica
  • Spinal Stenosis
  • Bulging discs
  • Herniated discs
  • Degenerative Disc Disease
  • Posterior Facet Syndrome

What Is The Decompression Treatment Like?

At Syracuse Medical we use the SpineMed® decompression system to treat patients. This system is the latest in non-surgical decompression technology and Syracuse Medical is the only practice in the Syracuse area to be able to offer it to our patients. The SpineMed® system was designed to help patients whose pain is caused by a damaged lumbar or cervical spinal disc.

During spinal decompression therapy patients are fully clothed. First, Dr. Gardner positions you on the SpineMed® with a comfortable pillow under your knees to relieve the pressure on your spine. Then two pelvic restraint gel pads are placed next to your pelvis and the patented pelvic restraint system is gently tightened on your hips. The entire system is computer-controlled and safe. Dr. Gardner will then operate the SpineMed® system, customizing your treatment to your specific needs.

The therapy usually lasts 30 minutes. Each SpineMed® session is a pleasant experience for our patients. Our system is designed to keep you in a comfortable position when you are being treated for your low back pain. Patients describe their treatments as being painless and many actually fall asleep during them.

Interested In Decompression Therapy?

How Our Decompression Treatment Impacted Our Patient’s Life

Here is one of our past patient’s accounts of how our spinal decompression therapy changed her life…

“My name is Scarlett and I am from Pennellville, NY. I am 52 years old and have suffered from low back pain for years. Every day I felt like such an “old lady”, especially in the morning getting out of bed. Imagining what my future would be like and how I would feel was difficult. I have tried different things, including medicine and physical therapy.

The medicine didn’t control the pain, it just took the edge off. The physical therapy worked for a while, but it did not relieve the pain altogether. My doctor told me that I had three choices: get another opinion, go to an orthopedic surgeon for a cortisone shot or surgery, or go back to physical therapy. Chiropractic care was not even an option he would talk about. A friend of mine recommended Dr. Gardner highly so I decided to give his office a try. Dr. Gardner said I was a candidate for decompression therapy so I decided to pursue that before any physical therapy. When I started my pain level was 6-7 and after decompression therapy, it went down to maybe a 1, only aching a bit after overdoing things. I was not in pain all the time anymore”.

Now that decompression therapy is over, I no longer feel like an “old lady.” I am more active and can do everyday things easier than I used to.  My experience at Dr. Gardner’s office has been a pleasant one and something I looked forward to doing.”

Our Treatment Is Effective To Eliminate Your Low Back Pain

At Syracuse Medical we have performed over 50,000 successful nonsurgical spinal decompression therapy treatments on patients in the Syracuse and Central New York area. We know we can help you too. When you experience pain of any level in your low back, turn to us for solutions. We have a history of getting amazing results for our patients. In short, by using our SpineMed® spinal decompression system we have improved our patient’s lives and, in most cases, have eliminated their pain completely. If you live in Baldwinsville and the surrounding community, you can find relief through our skilled procedures and talented professionals. Contact our office today for more information and to schedule your consultation.