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How Does Regenerative Medicine Therapy Work?

Sep 14, 2018Regenerative Medicine

Many patients have been able to reap the benefits of Stem Cell Therapy. Today, stem cells are being used to help conditions that once had no effective treatment option. We are proud to be able to offer this cutting-edge therapy to help people here in the Syracuse area. Thousands of people across the country are taking advantage of the power of Stem Cell Therapy but many are still puzzled by how Stem Cell Therapy works? To understand regenerative medicine and how our Stem Cell Therapy can benefit you we will define what it is, how it works and what types of stem cells are used.

What Is Regenerative Medicine Therapy?

If you ask our regenerative medicine therapy patients here in the Syracuse area they would tell you a miracle treatment. And we would agree. This therapy promotes the repair of diseased, dysfunctional or injured tissue of the joints using stem cells. Think of stem cells as the body’s own repair kit. When you suffer an injury, the stem cells in your body rush to the injured area. The healing process begins when they start to repair the damage caused by the injury. But in some cases, your body’s own stem cells cannot get through the injured area due to the amount of damaged tissue.

Also, as we age the number of stem cells present in our body lessens. When our own stem cells can’t repair the injury we are forced to live with the damage. This damage causes the person chronic pain dramatically affecting their life. Regenerative medicine therapy is used an alternative treatment option to prescription pain medication or surgery to eliminate the pain and heal the injury.

How Regenerative Medicine Therapy Works To Eliminate Pain

Regenerative medicine therapy repairs damaged tissue located in a patient’s joints. Stem cells are used in conjunction with cytokines and other growth factors to treat patients who have experienced damage to their joint tissue. Unfortunately, when these patients injure a joint they are difficult to repair. Instead of the risk of surgery, these regenerative medicine products are injected into the site of the injured joint. This is a non-invasive treatment option that repairs what caused the injury eliminating the pain instead of masking it. Shortly after treatment, the stem cells begin repairing the damaged joint. As your injury heals, you will notice an increased range of motion and less pain.

Interested In Regenerative Medicine Therapy?

Types Of Stem Cells That Are Used In Our Therapy

If you perform a quick search on the internet for the term stem cells, you will find that there are many uses for the treatment. However, many people are under the misconception that using stem cells in treatment infringes on morality and ethics. None of the stem cells used in our stem cell therapy are derived from embryonic stem cells or fetal tissue. Our stem cell material is obtained from consenting donors who have undergone elective c-sections. Upon donating, the placenta, umbilical cord and amniotic fluid are processed at an FDA regulated lab. They undergo testing for a full panel of diseases in compliance with FDA guidelines. There have been well over 500,000 treatments using this type of regenerative cell material in the U.S. without ANY adverse effects or rejections reported.

In certain cases, we elect to couple our regenerative medicine therapy with platelet-rich plasma therapyPlatelets are your body’s first responders when an injury occurs. They work to facilitate clotting at the site of the damage and work to generate new tissue to heal the area. Although PRP is not a stem cell treatment, it is considered a form of regenerative medicine. The treatment is high in cytokines and growth factors that work hand in hand with the stem cells in your body. By using PRP treatment in conjunction with stem cell therapy we are able to maximize your healing potential.

We Have The Answer At Syracuse Medical

You’re probably researching regenerative medicine and stem cells because you have a condition or injury causing you serious pain. You’ve been told that you need surgery and are desperately looking for an alternative treatment that will help you get your life back. At Syracuse Medical we have the solution. Regenerative medicine therapy is changing the way we think about medical treatment, giving us more control over our healing. These minimally invasive treatments work in harmony with our bodies’ natural healing efforts.  Our therapy has a high success rate for our patients. Most of our patients report feeling a significant reduction in pain within one to three months of the treatment. This innovative treatment is a great option for patients with joint pain looking for alternatives to surgery and prescription drugs. Contact our office today to learn more by attending a one-on-one educational consultation.