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Viscosupplementation Therapy, Knee Pain Treatment, Baldwinsville Image - Syracuse Medical & AestheticsFor effective knee pain treatment, Baldwinsville residents rely upon the skilled and friendly staff at Syracuse Medical & Aesthetics. There is nothing worse than an injury or a disease that results in loss of your mobility. No matter the cause, there are always treatments that can alleviate or perhaps eliminate the joint discomfort. There is no reason for you to wait for the problem to get worse. Let us help you take control of your overall health and livelihood and conquer discomfort and disability.

Our group of highly talented professionals is trained to provide targeted knee pain treatment options at our offices in Baldwinsville, NY. Osteoarthritis, or degenerative arthritis, is caused by a number of different factors, so we employ different non-surgical techniques to relieve your discomfort. We rely predominantly on viscosupplementation therapy, physical therapy, and knee bracing. Viscosupplementation involves injecting a special gel into the afflicted joints to relieve friction and increase mobility. We combine these treatments with the state-of-the-art imaging technique called fluoroscopy, to get the best picture of the underlying cause of your issue, and how best to relieve it. We work closely with our patients to make sure they receive the best results from our Advance Arthritic Relief Protocol (AARP) helping to get you back to the activities you love.

Turn to Syracuse Medical & Aesthetics if you are tired of enduring discomfort and are ready for corrective knee pain treatment. Baldwinsville residents count on our team for effective medical solutions that are provided in a friendly and personalized fashion. We know how busy your work schedule may be and are flexible and responsive to your inquiries. Call our office to schedule a FREE CONSULTATION.

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