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Your health is too important for guesswork and that is why we utilize the RJL Bioelectric Impedance Analysis (BIA) Body Composition System .  RJL pioneered BIA in 1979 and has been the leader in body composition testing for almost 40 years.  The RJL System is used by every Ivy League school to insure their athletes stay in top condition.  The test is done by placing leads on your hand, wrist, foot and ankle and then a microcurrent is run through your body to determine key factors in your body composition.


You will get exact measurements of key body composition elements.

  • Total Body Fat: How much fat is inside your body including the fat around your organs and tissues
  • Intracellular/Extracellular Water Content:  How much water is in your cells and outside your cells
  • Phase Angle: How healthy your cells are internally
  • Fat-free mass: How much muscle you have
  • Capacitance: How well your cells are holding an electrical charge (shows the integrity of your cell membranes)
  • Body Mass Index: BMI
  • Basal Metabolic Rate: How many calories you burn per day at rest
  • Food & Fitness Ideas and more!


No needles, no bloodwork, no labs required.

Fast and Super Accurate!!

With BIA software, we can provide a complete body composition analysis for you in minutes.

We can show you just how much progress you’ve made toward your ultimate goals.

The cost for this comprehensive test is only $79 which includes a printout of the entire analysis.

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